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Spill Station
“OOPS!” Probably the most common phrase uttered by every preschooler, it can induce sweaty palms, racing heart, and rising blood pressure. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Mistakes happen. That’s just part of life.  The most important lesson any person can have is how to clean up a mistake that they have made.  Taking... Read More » The post Spill Station appeared first on Play to Learn.
Pet Rocks
Play to Learn 18-11-2017 20:46
Pet Rocks
This process art project really rolls with the hot new trend of painted rocks! They’re turning up everywhere, as marketing, as a way to get a message across, or just as a way to pep up a dull spot in a garden. Students can join in the trendy fun with these amazing painted “pet rocks.”... Read More » The post Pet Rocks appeared first on Play to Learn.
Paint and Color Theory
Preschool is a fantastic time for hands-on learning.  And nothing is more hands-on than finger-painting!  Part science project, part artistic expression,  and part sensory experience, this activity gives students first-hand experience with the science of color theory. Setting Up for Success Art smocks are a must.  It’s best to not have to worry about the... Read More » The post Paint and Color Theory appeared first on Play to Learn.
Sensory Processing Disorder
Dear Preschool Teacher, I am so excited for my first day of preschool! I can’t wait to make friends, to play with toys, and learn new things – I feel like a big kid now. But I’m also really scared. Because, well, I’m different. And I’m scared you won’t understand me. I have Sensory Processing... Read More » The post Sensory Processing Disorder appeared first on Play to Learn.
Foam Math Cards
These easy Foam Math Cards “hit the spot” when you want to add something new to your Math center! This activity invites students to take some time for independent, hands-on practice on one-to-one correspondence and other counting skills. It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3! The Foam Math Cards are a snap to put together with... Read More » The post Foam Math Cards appeared first on Play to Learn.
The 12 Best “Goldilocks” Books for Preschoolers
Classic fairy tales are an essential part of early childhood education. Children can learn so much from them, but imagine how much more they learn when they are exposed to different variations of the story. Why teach variations? It reinforces the original story Encourages creativity Teaches compare and contrast Encourages attention to detail Exposes children... Read More » The post The 12 Best “Goldilocks” Books for Preschoolers appeared first on Play to Learn.
Confetti Leaves
Scissor skills are an important part of preschool. Beginning with a highly successful task, such as cutting strips of paper into confetti, help them develop familiarity with scissors and how they work while being extremely satisfying. As a bonus, the confetti they create is easily converted into beautiful seasonal art! Confetti Cutting Practice The Importance... Read More » The post Confetti Leaves appeared first on Play to Learn.
Magazine Leaf Trees
Ask any kindergarten teacher what their most abused supplies are in their classroom, and one of the top three will always be “glue sticks.” The poor glue sticks get smashed, completely extended, caps left off, and covered in fuzz. It’s not the fault of the children – many of them do not get to practice... Read More » The post Magazine Leaf Trees appeared first on Play to Learn.
Flower Art on the Light Table
Bring the outdoors inside with light table flowers! Sometimes, the rain that is so necessary for flowers can make it impossible to play outdoors.  These cheery light table flowers will lift the gloom off of any rainy day, and provide some essential learning skills as well! Light Table Flowers Skill: Fine Motor Practice Grasping and... Read More » The post Flower Art on the Light Table appeared first on Play to Learn.
Light Table Snow Flakes
“Of all the forms of water the tiny six-pointed crystals of ice called snow are incomparably the most beautiful and varied.” — Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) Make learning about science “cool” by inviting your students to make their very own shimmering snowflakes at the light table. This is a fantastic way to introduce a winter lesson... Read More » The post Light Table Snow Flakes appeared first on Play to Learn.


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