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Supporting parents, schools and professionals with children who have learning, social, emotional, behaviour, mental health, needs and disabilities


The Imagination Tree

The Imagination Tree


Creative ideas and play activities

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Frozen Ice Paints
Make some amazing, vibrant frozen ice paints for summer fun and creativity outdoors! Perfect for combining cool down time and creativity this summer! We are always on the look out for more fun ways to get creative and especially for activities that suit the range of ages of the kids (currently 3, 6, 8 and... Read More » The post Frozen Ice Paints appeared first on The Imagination Tree.
Egg Carton Multiplication Game
Make a multiplication game using an egg box and ping pong balls for a playful way to learn maths! Yay for hands on, worksheet-free approaches to learning. This has been perfect for my older kids to practise multiplying numbers and rehearsing their times tables over and over again, and has been a fun break from... Read More » The post Egg Carton Multiplication Game appeared first on The Imagination Tree.
Liquid Gold Slime
Make this amazing liquid gold slime for a sensory play slime recipe with a dazzling, metallic twist! This is so beautifully mesmerising that you’ll be fighting the kids to play with it too! As you know I can’t keep the kids away from the slime making supplies for more than a few days at a... Read More » The post Liquid Gold Slime appeared first on The Imagination Tree.
Leaf Printing Art
Make some beautiful leaf printing art using natural materials in any season! So simple and effective, easy enough for any age to enjoy! Printing is one of my most favourite art forms, along with collage and sculpture. I love how you can take simple household items, cut fruit and vegetables and many items from nature... Read More » The post Leaf Printing Art appeared first on The Imagination Tree.
Phonics Cups Literacy Game
Make a fantastic reading resource with this phonics cups literacy game for kids! Adaptable to suit different stages of phonics development, simple and quick to put together and perfect for both classroom and home learning.  Teaching phonics is such a vital part of reading development in young children. Partnered alongside recognising “tricky” words by sight,... Read More » The post Phonics Cups Literacy Game appeared first on The Imagination Tree.

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