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Supporting parents, schools and professionals with children who have learning, social, emotional, behaviour, mental health, needs and disabilities


SENDCo - Conditions - Checklists and Information

Social & Emotional

A range of activities to support a child's emotional and social well-being. Build a child's resilience, self worth, self belief, exploration, and endurance with these activities. A happy, confident and engaged child will become an interested learner.


For a long time I have seen children who have attachment issues, I have successfully built relationships, promoted their self esteem, helped them to develop friendships and their social skills. I am therefore heartened that research into brain science has shown a link between behaviour and emotions and how a child experiences their sensations. This links to their emotions and their thoughts and then directly has an impact on their ability to learn and on how they learn.


behaviour-checklistThis useful checklist helps to hone into the exact behaviours being displayed and when they occuring and what the triggers are. I found this checklist a while ago and have found it very useful.    
calming-choices20 simple cards to laminate and slice which act as visual clues and ideas which help children calm down at times of stress or anxiety. Tip: Let the child choose 4/5 cards which appeal to them for their calm down time. Calm area: Tac the cards to the wall, door or safe place where the child can go...
thinking-choices-bookmarkPromote self calming and reflection choices with these easy reminder 'Choice Bookmarks'.   Laminate and have available! Download here  
emotion-cardsThese useful emotion cards allow you to talk to your children about their emotions, there are 12 cards setup on one A4 sheet so easily laminated into cut into individual cards. Add a hole punch to the top of each card and attachment them to a ring. They can also be added to a lanyard or belt so always...