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Fidget to the core

fidgety to the coreWe all know about developing fine motor skills to strengthen small finger muscles and gross motor to aid balance and coodination. I champion brain gym, PACE and finger gym. AND recently I have been reading more and more about strengthening the core.

Fidgety Kids!

At my school we seem to have lots of fidgety children, some with diagnoses of ASD or ADHD and some without. We have Movement Breaks organised by teaching assistants to set targets within the lesson and then dedicated times to get moving to fulfil their need to move. Carpet sessions children have fidget toys and seat wedges etc. so we think we are doing a fairly good job.

Strengthening the core

Recently, I have been reading more and more about strenthening the core improve concentrations. The theory behind it all makes sense! Our kids are more sedentary, few climb trees and have battles with sticks over the fields.

Research is showing that many children have an underdeveloped vestibuar system, poor balance and simply increasing movement in all directions, every day, PE twice a week, is simply not enough for most children.

I had the conversation this week with our PE teacher. I suggested she included specific gross motor and movement exercise focussing on the core to see if we can increase concentration. In addition to that, we'd start a group provision for identified children who have ADHD or are just simply fidgety to work for 20 minutes twice more a week.

I found these great core exercise cards. Ideal as prompt cards for strengtheing abdominals, back muscles and buttocks.


Surely, improving bakance, coordination, respiration and lung capacity has benefits for the children we teach.

If we can address the underlying issue for why children are fidgetting then they surely this will have a knock on achivement for their well being and progress in school.

Tricky Targets for Provision

As we all know the provision plan is important and I can highly recommend this book to for ideas for assessing a baseline and setting targets and monitoring progress.


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