Dyslexia or / and dyscalculia

dyslexia dyscalculiaDyslexia, the condition and dyslcalculia can be co-occurring conditions but both can exist without the other. There is increasing evidence that people experience a range of specific difficulties with retention and application of reading, mathematical, sequencing, ordering and organisation skills result in learning difficulties.


Clearly... if you cannot learn to read, you cannont read to learn...


Spectrum disorders

Children with dyslexia can have poor phonological awareness, verbal memory and processing. Dyslexia affects anyone regardless of their academic ability. Dyslexia is a spectrum disorder and the many aspects of the disability can be more prevelant in one child than another.

Children with dyscalculia struggle with maths, ordering numbers, following proccesses, again dyscalculia can affect a learner mildly or severly.

Specific intervention

Children with dyslexia and dyscalculia need a detailed audit of needs and how they respond for targetted support and intervention. It is essential children get the right help and high quality assessment from professionals must be sought.

Use the dyslexia checklist and dyscalculia checklist to help you decide whether a child may need investigating for their particular strengths and weaknesses.