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Reciprocal Reading Cards


After teaching reading for many years and trying to teach children good skills to analyse and understand the text, I was delighted to find the specific strategies of Reciprocal Teaching. Obviously, most of us use many of these strategies but I really like the explicit nature of the named prompts.

Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards

I've developed these prompts cards and have added a variety of cues to each reading prompt card so after a few lessons the children become more competent and familiary with each role, the children can actually work independently on a piece of text.

Each card can be laminated and used as a book mark or to section the page if one paragraph is being used at a time.

Reciprocal Prompt Cards include:

Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards
Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards

The Boss
The Predictor
The Questioner
The Clarifier
The Summariser

The Boss. Decides who will do each job, introduces the text and makes sure everyone is joining in.

The Predictor. Makes logical predictions. Uses information in the text & personal experiences to predict where the text is going.

The Questioner. Thinks what do you know, need to know or would like to know. Who, what, where, why, then, how, what if, will...?

The Clarifier. Identifies confusing words, sentences and ideas. How can these be solved?

The Summariser. Identifies the most important ideas in the text. The problem was... The resolution was...

The cards are suitable for display too!

Download here


Writing Tricks

Create this cool mini Writing Tricks book

for children to use as an aid for their writing. Each trick will help them use a variety of writing skills to us in their writing. The book allows a quick reminder for all children of the key elements of writing, with an example of the trick in a sentence and then more ideas for their own writing.

writing tricks downloadTop Tip:

To encourage the children to use the tricks book and use a variety of tricks in their writing, I ask the children to note in the margin the trick they have used! -

You can also set the Steps to Success to "Use Writing Trick 13 - Use a clause" - Then the children have an example of how to use clauses.

Easy to create

Simply trim around each pair of pages (horizontal e.g. trick 1 and trick 2), then crease along the centre fold so each pages are back to back. Laminate each pair of pages separately because they'll last longer with a laminated margin and then slice.

Note: the front cover and contents page appear 3 times on the last sheet in the pdf, so for 3 books (to save paper).

No Cook Playdough!

no cook playdough

You will need:

1 cups plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar (optional)

1 tablespoons of cooking oil

Food colouring

Glitter (optional)

Peppermint oil (optional)

1 cup of boiling water

1 child or more if you have them


Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. As soon as it starts to bond together and is hard to mix, take it out of the bowl throw it on a board and knead until it takes on the look and consistency of play dough. It will be hot when you take it out of the bowl so be careful.

Emergency Keys

emergency key sample

sendco arrow up rightFully editable MS Publisher document to add your school's class names. Print, laminate and tac to the wall and use when an incident happens in class, send a child to a designated person, the office or head teacher with the key and the recipient will know to come to your classroom quickly.


Known as the Red Key, the red key acts as an emergency call for help!

Warning Triangles

warning triangles 3,2,1Print and laminate and use as a countdown to the next activity. Great for Autistic children that need lear visual clues to when activity is about to come to an end. Lay the triangle on the table in front of the child at 5 mins, 3 mins and 1 minute to STOP time.

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